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December 22, 2007 - Annual Number 2007


- VOL XLVI No 1 New Delhi December 22, 2007

This leprous daybreak, dawn night’s fangs have mangled,
- This is not that long-looked-for break of day,
- Not that clear dawn in quest of which our comrades
- Set out, believing that in heaven’s wide void
- Somewhere must be the stars’ last halting-place,
- Somewhere the verge of night’s slow-washing tide,
- Somewhere the anchorage of the ship of sorrow.

When they set out, those friends, taking youth’s secret
- Pathways, how many hands plucked at their sleeves!
- From panting casements of the land of beauty
- Soft arms invoked them, flesh cried out to them;
- But dearer was the lure of dawn’s bright cheek,
- More precious shone her robe of shimmering rays;
- Light-winged their longing, feather-light their toil.
- But now, word goes, the birth of day from darkness
- Is finished, wandering feet stand at their goal;
- Our leaders’ ways are altering, festive looks
- Are all the fashion, discontent reproved.
- Yet still no physic works on unslaked eye
- Or heart fevered by absence, any cure:
- Where did that fine breeze, that the wayside lamp
- Has not once felt, blow from—where has it fled?
- Night’s heaviness is unlessened still, the hour
- Of mind and spirit’s ransom has not struck;
- Let us go on, our goal is not reached yet.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz


Mainstream Annual 2007


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- 111 Barriers to Historical Research—Restrictive Accessibility to Public Records
-A.K. Dasgupta
- 114 COMMUNICATION: On Rabindranath’s Prasna and Nandigram Events

Readers, Please Note...
- This Annual Number being more than three times the size of an ordinary number, the next issue of Mainstream will appear on January 26, 2008 as the Republic Day Special. —Editor

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