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Mainstream, Vol XLVI No 1

Please, No Ecstasy for Pakistan’s Agony

Tuesday 25 December 2007, by Som Benegal


It would be sad, indeed, if we in India, should feel a sense of glee and vicarious pleasure in the tumultuous goings-on in Pakistan today. The situation there is so complex that it would take a political or mathematical genius to sort out the meaning of the moves and counter-moves, each more baffling than the other. It is a fact that the division of India on the quaint concept of the two-nation theory was a tragedy of Himalayan dimensions. Much controversy on the subject, hot controversy at that, goes on even today. But it is a futile one, and indeed a sterile one. Only a miracle, and miracles exist only in fantasy, can bring the two countries united together. But what can without miracle be achieved is to find ways of peace, friendship and harmony of co-existence. Steps have been taken but somehow faced by inscrutable self-defeating hurdles. One of those—one step forward and two steps backward. But the effort by our two peoples must continue.

Easier said than done, alas. And now the turmoil, the anguish, the torment of the Pakistani people must give us pause while we understand the incredible, frightening and frightful ferment laced by blood and gore. It is not just a fratricidal fight to the finish, as it were. We can at least discern that behind and beyond the mayhem are sinister forces, which seem to have seized an opportunity congenial to their fanatical purpose, which they consider most legitimate in the light of their philosophy.

On the surface is the real legitimate yearnings for the people Pakistan to acquire some democratic system and governance which allows them to live in peace and prosperity without autocracy and terror lurking ever in the shadows or openly baring its fangs. This yearning is something, which India and the Indian people must sympathise with and wish them well. We need not rush into the scene and complicate matters. But, please no ecstasy for Pakistan’s agony. It is against the heart and soul of India’s psyche, heritage, proud heritage, and history to beat hatred for none and affectionate friendship for all.

(Courtesy : Neighbourhood Flash)

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