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Mainstream, Vol XLVII, No 18, April 18, 2009

We Admire Taliban

Saturday 18 April 2009, by Sharad Rajimwale


We belong to the Ram Sene of Karnataka, and Shiva Sena of Maharashtra, and Bajrang Dal that rules the roost among Hindus in the north. Whatever the names, we have a vision of the Hindu Rashtra that is not far different from the image of the Islamic nation treasured by the Taliban and various other outfits of similar descriptions, hell-bent to bring the world to its knees in order to transform it into a world of their dreams. It may appear a little odd to many and incredibly foolish to some others who read it. But it is not difficult to see that we have natural affinities.

In fact we do not aim to fight those jehadis who go on rampage in Afghanistan and Pakistan in fits and starts and are now in a commanding position. And why should we? Our fight is with the Indians only. We beat up those at home, sitting in the parks, or watching movies. We rough up men and women who try to express their free opinions and worship god in their own ways. We know it is easier to bash up women and girls for they do not hold any weapons and can’t resist, they can easily be grabbed and thrashed. That’s how we succeeded so hugely in Gujarat; that is for all to see! See the similarity?

Those Taliban too swoop down on poor unarmed civilians, men and women in burqas and thrash them up in the streets, or put bullets through their heads. They ask women to remain behind closed doors and not show their faces to free air and sun. We are soon going to do the same to our Hindu naris; we already have begun attacking our women in some places who wear jeans-and-tops, or skirts in schools. Western culture is our enemy, though AK-47 and RDX are welcome! It sounds like Taliban language; we do not mind. It is a good language. The West has spread all its bad culture in Aryavarta …. Telling women to talk freely, educate themselves and come up at par with men in all fields. How can that be tolerated?

Our scriptures do not permit that…we do not know exactly…Because we, lathi-wielding, trishul-flaunting Ram sevaks and Shiva bhaktas do not read the Hindu scriptures. We knew it would be too disturbing for us to seriously read the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana…. They tell us to be kind to women, to respect their opinions, to allow freedom to them….Ram never insulted a woman, and even Ravan is said to have not touched Sita while she was imprisoned in his Ashoka vana. The Upanishads show Katyayani and Maitreyi as great scholars and most of the male scholars were in great awe of them… But we do not understand why they were not thrashed up in the open as we did in pubs in Mangalore? Why were women allowed to read the Vedas and argue? Argue with men? Isn’t it disturbing that Kaikeyi went to war with Raja Dashrath and asserted herself in the end to the point of sending Ram into Dandakaranya for fourteen years? Isn’t it disturbing to read that Prabhu Ramchandra, whose name we use to run our militant Ram Sene, redeemed Ahalya whom Lord Indra had the manly courage to ravish and then suffered the misfortune of losing his manhood?

We want to fight the Western cultural assault on us—this Valentine Day business and the sight of young men and women loitering hand-in-hand in parks or in pubs! We want to bring purity of culture back in society. But then do not ask if we have read Hindu literature, the books of Kalidasa, Jaideva, Bana, Magha and all that…too disturbing! Too confusing! How could Shakuntala meet Dushyanta in the fragrance-laden air of her pleasure garden when we think that being Hindu means beating up young couples in the Vrindavan garden? And do not ask whose daughter she was…! And how could Kalidasa show her as neglecting her duty to Rishi Durwasa; and Dushyanta himself unwilling to go to his mother when she wants him to come home and work like a valiant king? We are telling our women by using force what their womanly, motherly and wifely duties are, in a typical Hindu way! Why was there no Shiva Sena to tell Parvati to avoid being lascivious when she fell in love with Kailashpati and told her parents that she’d marry no one but this bhasma—smeared jata shankar; and why was there no Ram Sene to tell Sita mata to avoid showing that she could do without Ram in bringing up her children in the wildest of forest conditions?

The more we read the ancient Hindu books the more our dreams of establishing the Hindu Rashtra suffers. We are sure the Taliban also do not read their Koran, for their disturbance of mind after doing so would be similar to ours. The Taliban would sure be aghast to read Omar Khayyam’s scented rubaiyats that take us to the enchanted world of free-ranging imagination and relate nature with god and love. Jalauddin Rumi was certainly not a non-Muslim or un-Islamic. For all we know and our Taliban comrades know, he was a staunch Muslim doing his namaz regularly and god-fearing as was Hafiz and Saa’di. But see, what they wrote in heaps and heaps of lilting verses in Gulistaan and Bostaan, and so on! How can Muslim women be kept tied hands and feet and their mouths gagged up if those writers are properly read and allowed to be read? They must burn those books if they want a pure Islamic nation, as Hitler burned works of Michelangelo and Goethe for setting up his pure German nation…. Didn’t we also vandalise M.F. Hussain’s paintings and art galleries in Baroda? We must push Kalidasa and the Vedas and Gita and Upanishads into dark oblivion, and, if possible, ask our Sainiks and Bhaktas to adorn those nude women sculpted in Khajuraho, Ellora, Elephanta, Konarka and in every ancient Hindu temple standing in all kinds of places all over Bharatvarsha with decent saris and drawn ghunghat to complete the picture of an ideal Hindu nari!

We know we can’t do a thing about Draupadi with her five husbands, or with those Alkapuri damsels in Meghadootam who are voluptuously described going to secret liaisons in the dead of night and to whom Yaksha sends clouds with agonies of heart inscribed on them for urgent messages!

That is why we do not read those Sanskrit books…There is no woman properly dressed with long ghunghat, and shoved behind doors under lock-and-key to protect her chastity in those Hindu books! And there are lots of Valentine Day-type affairs in them…. Geetgovindam, Rasamanjari, Rasakalpadrumah, Sringarlatika Bhana, Parvati Parinayam…to our utter nausea! And plenty of freedom to women too in all respects…!

Now you must know why we do not want to read Hindu scriptures and yet we want a Pure and Strong Hindu Rashtra. As the Taliban want a Pure Islamic Nation! We are ready to go the whole hog to establish a Hindu Rashtra closely following the methods and modus operandi of the perfectly Talibanised fighters, polishing every conceivable technique to terrorise peace-loving, cultured civilians. That is why we admire the Taliban!

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