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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 49 New Delhi November 26, 2016

Good Governance

Monday 28 November 2016, by Badri Raina


Good governance means
That you say it large
But do it small,
Or not at all.

Good governance means
You propitiate with thin skin,
But as your subterfuge bears
Fruit, your skin adds layers.

Good governance means
Nothing you say or do is wrong;
And when caught in the perfidy,
You scream nation in jeopardy.

Good governance means
Prostrating at Parliament door;
But when session is on,
Turn your back and run.

Good governance means
Praising fundamental rights;
But should citizen criticise,
Dub these seditious lies.

Good governance means
God is always on your side;
Should anyone disrupt your roulette,
Let fly the righteous bullett.

—Badri Raina

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