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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 40 New Delhi September 24, 2016

Share Water, but also Share Responsibility for Protecting River

Saturday 24 September 2016, by Bharat Dogra



Whether in the context of the Cauvery river or the Narmada river or other rivers, so much time and effort has been spent on the sharing of the river waters. Isn’t it time now to devote more time and effort to the sharing of responsibility for protecting the rivers?

Look at how many details were worked out for sharing the waters of the Narmada river. The only concern missing in the entire elaborate exercise appears to be the protection of the river. The tragic consequences are there for all to see.

A mother has several children to all of whom she will like to give whatever she can give. But the children may get so greedy about their individual share that in the endless squabbling over it they may even forget to take care of their mother. This is what appears to be happening in the context of our rivers, and the various river water disputes are only one manifestation of this.

After all the recent tensions in the context of the Cauvery river, can we therefore make a new beginning? Instead of a Commission for Water Sharing, let the four involved States along with a representative of the Union Government this time get together to form a Commission for the Protection of the River. The aim of this Commission will be that the four States with the help of the Union Government will do all they can to protect the river and to plan all water use in accordance with the norms of sustainability and the protection of the river system.

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