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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 38 New Delhi September 10, 2016

On “Why Vegetarianism is Anti-national”

Friday 9 September 2016



This has reference to an article that has appeared recently titled “Why Vegetarianism is Anti-national”, written by Professor Kancha Ilaiah in Mainstream (August 27, 2016). He has made a reference to Prof M.S. Swaminathan and the policy of vegetarianism at the MSSR Foundation.

We would like to make it known that MSSRF is a not-for-profit institution engaged in research for food and nutrition security. Our work includes agriculture, livestock and fisheries. We also run a state-of-the art Fish for All Centre at Poompuhar, the dried fish products of which are regularly sold at the Foundation during events. There is no such principle related to consumption of vegetarian food alone as has been suggested by the author in this article, on any religious or caste lines. After serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in the initial years of the institution, it was not found to be cost-effective by caterers to serve hygienic food at the nominal cost it is currently provided at. Staff members are free to consume any food of their choice that they bring. It would have been appropriate if Prof Ilaiah, who has been our guest, would have clarified with us first.

MSSRF remains committed to equitable sustainable development, especially of those who are most at need.

B. Jayashree


Mob: +91 98400 50444 (Head, HMRC, MSSRF)


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