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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 33 New Delhi August 6, 2016

Rejoinder to Manifesto of a united Anti-Fascist Democratic Front

Wednesday 10 August 2016


by Vijay Singh

People believed that the Congress and Communists would transform the communal, casteist, fuedal India into a casteless, classless, egalitarian society but created a capitalist, communal, corrupt, casteist, criminal India much against the spirit of the Constitution of India of Justice, Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

Nehru suppressed all progressive thinkers like Ambedkar, Rammanohar Lohia, Jaya-prakash Narayan, M.N. Roy, Dange and established a psuedo-secular culture in the garb of Hindu culture and promoted crony capita-lism and developed only Brahmins and Banias. Later the Congress, the Sangh Parivar followed the same culture. Ambedkar opined that Hindu parties will not venture to create an egalitarian society as it was against their philosophy of inequality, discrimination, casteism and crime. Sixty years of Congress rule and eight years of BJP rule have brought the country to the brink of wide-spread poverty, glaring inequlities, soaring unemployment, rampant corruption, financial scams, high rate of inflation, suicide of farmers, tribal displacement, destruction of caste occupations, migration of rural people to cities for livelihood, stinking villages, towns, cities, environmental degradation, atrocities against Dalits and minorities, hoarding of black money in foreign banks, encouraging willful defaulters of bank loans, concentration of wealth in a few hands, while 99 per cent of the population is without economic security and protection for life. As such socialism is the need of the hour to ensure economic justice to every one.

Even after 68 years, of independence, India has not become a Nation due to its warring multitude of castes and communities, as Hinduism preaches separation instead of union. Hatred, enmity, discrimination, violence, minority bashing, Intolerance, caste riots, suppression of fundamental rights, killing of whistle blowers have become the order of the day. If this continues India may disintegrate and lose its freedom. The solution lies in delinking of religion from politics and by enforcing social justice.

In view of the above India needs a cultural, socialist, secular, democratic revolution and mere dethroning of the fascist BJP is not the answer. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan wanted a Total Revolution but concentrated only on dethroning of Indira Gandhi from power by uniting all the Opposition parties under the banner of the Janata Party but failed as he could not keep them together while not addressing the socio-economic problems of the people. Except the rich, honest and sincere people and intellectuals cannot contest and win the elections. Parliament is fully occupied with fraudsters and criminals? Then where is the future for India?

The strength of the Congress and BJP lies in getting their party funds from corporates and big business houses which they use for buying votes, MLAs, MPs and for media propaganda to change the opinion of the voters. The multi- party system has become a great advantage for them to come to power with 30 per cent of vote- share. The BJP uses the communal card on the ignorant masses to capture their votes. The Congress will vanish once the progressive forces come on to the stage. The fight will be between the BJP, its allies and the rest of India to resist the formation of a fascist Hindu Rashtra.

Ambedkar said that the intellectuals have to lead the country and the time has come for the intellectuals to free the country from the shackles of the BJP and Congress with proper planning, strategy and philosophy. The manifesto should reflect the social and economic problems of the people and regions with proper solutions.

Vijay Singh resides in Chennai. He can be contacted at e-mail:

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