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Mainstream, VOL LV No 19 New Delhi April 29, 2017

New Year in Kashmir

Sunday 30 April 2017


Some call it Naureh
New year has come
Holding the hand of Spring

Almond blossoms blush pink
While white narcissus shyly smile
Yellow daffodils dance in bright glee
And purple hyacinths exude
A heady perfume

But not for long
For it has already begun
The dance of death
Pinks, whites, yellows and purples
Are readying to wear the henna of red
Dark clouds are gathering
It will now rain blood

Lurking behind the new spring
Is the ghost of last summer
Nauroz, no Naureh
Only endless mourning
And death, only death.

Nusrat Bazaz

Dr Nusrat Bazaz is an Associate Professor, Department of English, Kashmir University.

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