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Corrigenda, 31 August 2019

Saturday 31 August 2019

In the special article on Hiroshima Day (August 6), “Threat from Nuclear Weapons is Increasing”, by Bharat Dogra on page 4 of Mainstream (August 10, 2019) the lines seven to ten in the first para should read “...that our world has nearly 14,500 nuclear weapons and in several important contexts the threat from these weapons has increased in recent times.” 

The article “Interrogating the Captive Mind: Addiction of Thinking” on pages 22-24 was not written by Prof Murzban Jal, as was published, but by Dr Prakash B. Salavi, a student of Prof Jal. Dr Salavi is a Senior Research Fellow, ICSSR and is based at the Indian Institute of Education, Pune. 

These errors are regretted.    —Editor

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