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Corrigenda, 2 March 2019

Sunday 3 March 2019

In the article “Understanding Socio-political Assertion of Muslims in India Today” by Shamsher Alam (Mainstream, February 16, 2019) two mistakes have crept in.

The first sentence of the second paragraph on page 13, column two should read: “Having discussed the evident realities regarding the demand for the SC status for Dalit Muslims, it can be argued that although there are no demonstrations of grave intensity to get the same, there is an immediate need to assert for the Dalit Muslims’ protective discrimination.”

The last sentence of the article on page 14, column two should read: “Since, the epistemological position of individuals and groups is more powerful than those who are on the outside, it is high time and need of the hour for the Muslims to assert for their political representation, social upliftment and against the atrocities committed against them.”

These errors are regretted.


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