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Mainstream, VOL LVI No 42 New Delhi October 6, 2018

Abode Of God

Sunday 7 October 2018

A.K. Das has sent the following poem with a letter from Lucknow that reads: “The Supreme Court has delivered the landmark judgement upholding the right of women of all ages to worship at Sabarimala temple. Earlier I had composed a poem on the subject; it appears in my book of poetry Voyage Continues. I’m quoting below the poem. Since the matter is very relevant, you may kindly like to give it space in your weekly.”

[A poem on ban of women’s right to enter into places of worship]

She is bestowed with the right
to let her blood flow—
the mark of her fecundity,
but branded as impure;
and she is debarred from
entering into your abode.

Is this your desire or of those
who come through her
into the world, yet claim
your mandates, denying
her the right to kneel
in obeisance before your idol?

A.K. Das

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