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Mainstream, VOL LVI No 19 New Delhi April 28, 2018

Brazen demons: your time is up

Saturday 28 April 2018, by Suhas Borker


What kind of land has this become

where little girls can no longer walk and play

safe and free from rapists?

In the mind’s eye of the people

the spokes of the Blue Chakra have come asunder

replaced by the little girl Asifa’s

bloody mutilated vagina.

Just wait and watch

how from it will sprout

waves of fiery blooded lava

drowning in molten moulds

the brazen demons of our times.

Brazen demons: your time is up!

Your time is up!

April 22, 2018        Suhas Borker

[Suhas Borker is an independent documentary film-maker and Editor, Citizens First TV (CFTV). He is also Convener of the Working Group on Alternative Strategies (WGRAS). He can be contacted at suhasborker[at]]

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