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Mainstream, VOL LVI No 12 New Delhi March 10, 2018

I Dance and Sing

Monday 12 March 2018


I dance and sing

They think they’ve done no injury to me

I laugh and rejoice

They think they’ve been kind to me

I eat and feast

The think they didn’t snatch away my food

I speak and discuss

They think they didn’t gag me

I write and protest

They think they didn’t try to kill me

I rise and raise my hand

They think they didn’t put me down

I go to shops and buy a little

They think they didn’t steal my money

I paint and recite

They think they didn’t break my pen

I smart and cry

They think they didn’t hurt me.

Their blindness proclaims their Doom

Their arrogance trumpets their end to come soon

Their insolence writes their defeat on the wall

Their despotism hastens their certain fall.

Sharad Rajimwale

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