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Mainstream, Vol XLIX, No 9, February 19, 2011

Come to Tahrir Square

Monday 21 February 2011, by Suhas Borker


Come to Tahrir Square

Be the eye of the peaceful revolution

Here are the makeshift memorials to the martyrs

Where hundreds and thousands stood their valiant ground

See moral courage pitted against insolent might

See mounted thugs—sent to beat, stone, stab, shoot and kill—retreat

Witness the power of non-violent action triumph

Come to Tahrir Square

Feel the pulse of the people networked on the internet

Resurrecting human rights and justice

Hear the stories of oppression retold

See the plunderers and looters unmasked

Witness the dignity of the people restored

Come to Tahrir Square

Ride the waves of people-power carrying flags of truth

See battle tanks dip their guns in salutation

See the edifice of repression collapse to dust

See the tyrant of thirty years—Mubarak—flee to oblivion in eighteen days

Witness the will of the people prevail

Come to Tahrir Square

With the blood of Liberation gushing in your hearts

And the song of Liberation on your lips

But do not rejoice too much

and sing the song or dance the dance of victory all day

For the march to freedom and democracy has just begun

Keep the vigil through the night!

Keep the vigil till the new dawn!

But never ask what will happen if you lose?

The Watch of History is on your side

Your every step forward beckons earthy millions everywhere to rise

Tomorrow we’ll all be free!

Tomorrow we’ll all be free!

February 12, 2011

New Delhi —Suhas Borker

[Suhas Borker is Editor CFTV News and Convener of the Working Group on Alternative Strategies based in New Delhi. He can be contacted at suhasborker@]

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