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Mainstream, VOL LIX No 12, New Delhi, March 6, 2021

Patriots vs traitors | Sukumaran CV

Friday 5 March 2021, by Sukumaran C.V.


Talk about the environment, you are a traitor.

Speak about the farmers’ protest, you are an anti-national.

Talk in the Elgar Parishad, you are an extremist.

Writers and poets, why are you write about the farmers?

Why are you speak about the Dalits?

Why are you sing about the Muslims?

Don’t you know they are terrorists?

Don’t you know they hatch conspiracies to tarnish Hindustan?

Don’t you want to see we make Bharat a Ramraj?

Whose side are you on? we ask you.

The agitating farmers are terrorists.

Are you on the side of the agitating farmers?

The Dalits wanted to celebrate the British victory over the Indians.

Are you on the side of the Dalits?

The Muslims invaded India.

Do you want them to be Indians as the Hindus are?

If you answer in the affirmative;

You are of course traitors and anti-nationals.

Oh! Rulers, do you know the Mahatma?

He was a traitor for those who oppressed India?

Do you know Bhagat Singh?

He was a terrorist for the British who crushed India.

Don’t you know Rani Lakshmi Bhai?

She was killed because she fought the British.

Why are you speak like the British?

Why are you act like the British?

The colonial government served not the people of India;

And your government too seems to serve not the people.

We made the British quit India decades ago.

But it seems you are still possessed by their ghost.

Exorcise the ghost and you can see:

The farmers as patriots and nation builders;

The Dalits as our great brethren;

And the Muslims as our fellow citizens.

Our PM has now a look of an ancient rishi;

Let him have the spirit of the rishis too.

Vengeance against our own people,

Make the rulers seperated from the ruled.

The rulers and the ruled should not

Treat each other as enemies.

That is not the greatness of a nation.

Making the ruled the enemies of the rulers,

Is not the greatness of the rulers.

You are presumed to be great

Admirers of the Hindu saints.

Let me remind you of two great lines of Adi Sankara:

Tvayi Mayi chaanyatraiko Vishnuh

Vyartham Kupyasi mayyasahishnuh

(The same God resides in you and me;

Why then needlessly be angry with me?)

I earnestly urge you, oh rulers, who

Always speak about the greatness of Hinduism,

To be real Hindus to love, to tolerate and to spread peace;

Instead of hating, terrorising, and

Falsely accusing people of treason.

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