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Mainstream, Vol XLVIII, No 24, June 5, 2010

Snapshots of Global and Internal Politics on May 23 and May 24, 2010

Thursday 10 June 2010, by Rakesh Gupta


Germans sign the Eurozone package in the context of the Greece bail-out and the German leader visits German soldiers in Afghanistan. Hillary Clinton is in China to talk to China about the US’ relations with it. The US renews its agreement with Japan over its military base and fumes against North Korea’s hostile act against South Korea, while Indian and Pakistani soldiers exchange fire at the border near the Poonch area. The Afghans are in conclave with the not-very-insignificant Afghan Taliban under Hekmatyar’s initiatives that may have links with the Iranians, who are struggling against threatened sanctions on their peaceful nuclear programmes. The secret British archival papers have brought on board how the Israelis were selling nuclear secrets and that they have nuclear weapons. The Iranians are telling the Russians to defend their deals with it with regard to peaceful nuclear programmes, while the Russians are using the unrest in Central Asia to their advantage with disregard to established power structures.The Chinese Minister is visiting Africa for oil diplomacy. The Obama Afgan-Pak policy to disentangle US presence in the region has a sting of making Pakistan a stronger player in the region vis-à-vis India. This is just a day’s portrayal of the diplomatic warfare in the offing: nuclear oligopoly, economic control by the West to the detriment of the Third World (the sensex fell in India after the Greeks signed their Eurozone plan, and the rupee devalued).

Paris has been burning and not necessarily on the communal or ethnic divide. London had been bombed. New York is struggling for discovering its Shazad geneaology to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is taking it to Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Hopefully the Indian view will find greater support in the Western, US corridors of power practicing the Afghan-Pakistan policy. Will it jettison the good Taliban and bad Taliban thesis or not cannot be commented upon even after the June Jirga in Afghanistan takes places after the Government-Taliban parleys in Maldives.

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