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Mainstream, VOL LX No 36 New Delhi, August 27, 2022

Aaj Kay Naam Our Aaaj Kay Gam Kay Naam | Nayyara Noor Sings Faiz

Friday 26 August 2022


For today’s times, and for the sorrow of today’s times.
Today’s sorrow, that is resentful to the abundant garden of life.
A forest with pallid leaves,
A forest with pallid leaves, that is my nation.
A forest with pallid leaves, that is my nation.
An assemblage of agony, that is my nation.
For melancholy lives of the clerks,
For worn-out hearts and tongues,
For postmen,
For cart drivers,
For train drivers,
For innocent bravehearts of factories,

Emperor of the world, the master of the past, the God’s deputy of earth,
For the farmer,
Bullies drove away whose cattle,
Robbers took away whose daughter,
Whose feet are crushed beneath feet of the powerful,
And for those dejected mothers.

For those dejected mothers,
During night whose children bawl,
Unable to be balanced by sleep deprived arms,
Concealing sadness
Unable to be pacified by pleas or charges

For widows,
For streets , alleys and localities,
From whose polluted dirt the moon at night,
Often comes to purify itself.
In whose shadows mourn,
Scarf’s henna,
Bangle’s jingle,
Ringlet’s scent..

For students,
Who with spread hands, books and pens, demand at doors of lords of war drums ,
With the diligence of their small lamplights, those innocents in their innocence went where,
The dark endless shadows of night were being dispensed.

For those prisoners,
In whose chest resided, a gem like firefly of tomorrow,
In the frenetic winds of the nights of the prison , has burnt down to a star like radiance.
For the ambassadors of future days.

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