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Mainstream, VOL LVIII No 24, New Delhi, May 30, 2020

Table of Contents - Lockdown Edition no10 | 30 May 2020

Tuesday 2 June 2020


Contents Mainstream Weekly, May 30, 2020

LETTER TO THE READERS - COVID 19 Lockdown Edition no.10
Government’s Package is Not What is Immediately Needed| Arun Kumar
PM’s financial package took Indians for a huge ride and committed a statistical fraud } Dipankar Bhattacharya
Feel a little shame for the lost soul of a nation | Avay Shukla
Deconstructing Telinipara Violence in West Bengal | Kumar Sen
Celebrating the Goa Statehood Day | Eduardo Faleiro
Ready for a Grave New World? | T J S George
Pandemic and Employment Guarantee: A Review | Debatra K. Dey
Diluting Labour Laws: Expansion of Neo-liberal Governance Regime | Nayakara Veeresha
An ill-wind blows in J&K after UT status | Anand K. Sahay
Injustice as Reflected in the Day-to-Day Life of a Muslim Village | Bharat Dogra
Petition to Prime Minister Modi on Day of Nationwide Trade Union Protest on 22nd May 2020 against Draconian Changes in Labour Laws
Brodsky Among Us | Anna Aslanyan
Book Review: Suralakshmi Villa | Monmayee Basu
Book Review: Muslim Women, Agency and Resistance Politics: The Case of Kashmir | hah Munnes Muneer
Coronavirus from Wuhan in 2019 Reminds catastrophe plague from Manchuria in 1896 wrought in India | Dr. Atulkrishna Biswas
Absolutely Unacceptable: Resumed Nuclear Explosive Testing- Statement of the Annual Meeting of the Abolition 2000 Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
Denis Goldberg Man of Integrity: South African Freedom Fighter, anti-Zionist Jew and True Mensch | Ronnie Kasrils
Modi government ill-treats the labourers, creators of modern India | Arun Srivastava
Tale of a Migrant | A.K. Das
Right to Privacy versus Technology-Based Surveillance| Sri Hari Mangalam

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