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    Outrageous Act, Criminal Connivance - Editorial • On the Current Contradictions of Global Capitalism - Eddie J. Girdner • Democracy the Corporate World Dislikes - Suranjita Roy • IB and CBI kowtowing to Prime Minister Modi - Mustafa Khan • Blacklisting NGOs - Barun Das Gupta • Bapu Wrong Yet Again - Badri Raina • Tragedy in Donbas Sky and Ukraine Crisis - Arun Mohanty • Defeat Talibanisation - Kuldip Nayar • Swaraj Should Visit Jallianwala Bagh - M.K Bhadrakumar

    About us

    A current affairs weekly, Mainstream was founded by that doyen of Indian journalism, Nikhil Chakravartty, who played an exceptional role in defence of press freedom through the columns of this journal during the infamous Emergency days (1975-77).

    It has been coming out regularly since its inception on September 1, 1962 [barring a short period when it closed down briefly in the last phase of the Emergency (January 1977) instead of submitting to the arbitrary pre-censorship regulations of the prevailing regime then acquiring grotesque proportions.

    Mainstream provides serious and objective analyses of contemporary developments affecting the nation. Mainstream offers active and wide interaction of thought and expression covering divergent viewpoints reflected in our polity. Mainstream dissects all aspects of domestic politics, foreign affairs, national economy, scientific and technological progress, the problems associated with ecology and development. Mainstream publishes invaluable documents of abiding relevance for global security, regional cooperation and India’s self-reliant advance.

    Mainstream is edited by Sumit Chakravartty

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