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About us

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Mainstream Weekly is focused on current affairs and carries commentary & analyses on contemporary developments around India and elsewhere. We offer a space for the interaction of ideas covering divergent viewpoints that dissect various facets of domestic politics, foreign affairs, the economy, the realm of science, technology, and industrial policy, culture, health, and questions of ecology, development, history, and various strands of left politics. —We are Pro-Democracy, Pro-Reason, Pro-Science, Pro-Labour, Pro-Women’s Rights etc—. We also publish documents from political parties and social justice movements and viewpoints relevant to global and regional affairs. We are left-leaning but editorially independent and free of commercial influence. Mainstream Weekly is published online only. Articles views published in Mainstream do not necessarily reflect the editorial standpoint of the Magazine.

Our weekly carries the tradition of ’Mainstream’ which was started on September 1, 1962 was founded by Nikhil Chakravartty, a stalwart of Indian journalism.

Mainstream got its name from Masses & Mainstream, published from 1948 to 1963 from New York.

An account of the story of Mainstream is available here

Since March 2020, the print edition of the Mainstream has ceased to exist and a new remodeled Mainstream Weekly is being published in an electronic form only.

Mainstream Weekly is edited by H. Kapoor, the Executive Editor with support from Sumit Chakravartty, Editor-Emeritus

Legal Registration information - from print days provided here for legacy purposes:
ISSN (Print) : P 0542-1462 | RNI No. : 7064/62

Notice: Mainstream Weekly appears online only.