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Mainstream, VOL XLV, No 31

Treason and Terrorism Soak Saffronazis

Saturday 21 July 2007, by I K Shukla


Historically, national treason has been the ID, as communal terrorism the signature, of Hindutva. No one without avowing treason as his creed can be a votary of Hindutva.

No one without pledging life-long commitment to terrorism can be trusted by the Black Caps as a genuine fascist. In this, Hindutva has been steadfast since inception. Sworn to secrecy and criminality that the cult stands for, it keeps its recruits ever “disciplined”, that is, morally decrepit, mentally robotic.

Why it creates a soup of acronyms (various organisations), and why it never maintains a register of its membership, are no mysteries, but inextricably tied to its vile agenda.

Since it remains so tied, it creates a fictive history of its own—phantasmagoria of wishful invention which omits its lack of patriotism, its innately destructive impulse, and its atavistic strain, but which also conjures up monsters and midgets as its heores.

It also revels in the game of make-believe for self-gratification by ascribing to itself the attributes and virtues that it conspicuously lacks, that it would never aspire for in deference to its inhuman project, and that it is inherently incapable of ever acquiring.

Beset by a crushingly nagging sense of imbecility and impotency it reconciles itself to its innate inferiority not by accomplishment or exertion for excellence, of which it has proved incapable, but by brutal and wanton violence against innocents who in their culture of elegance and achievements seem to remind it of its generic idiocy and deeply ingrained inhumanity.

This would explain why UP, the largest State of India, kept as the most backward in all indices, has had 2000 communal riots since 1947 (Ritambhara and Nana Deshmukh have huge estates there given them for a song by the ex-BJP Government to run saffronazi outfits; Atal— Lucknow, Raju Bhaiya—Allahabad, M.M. Joshi—Allahabad, Rajnath—Mirzapur, Katiyar—Faizabad, belong there).

This would shine light on Modi’s Gujarat as the death-dealing laboratory of a cult steeped in barbarism and soaked in blood. Gujarat will become the graveyard of Indian democracy and its secular credentials if Modi is not removed. Pussyfooting in the matter can only exacerbate the intolerable situation. The Congress having decided not to save its own MP, Ehsan Jafri, in Ahmedabad in 2002 boosted Modi’s machine of administrative mayhem and mass murder. Its own MLAs participated in the rape, robbery, and murders of Muslims that Modi had instigated and inspired.

EVEN in the States where the Congress or other political combines rule, the spread of the feral and obscene cult, Hindutva, is becoming a major threat to national stability and social peace. Not to arrest Hindutva ogres—Thackeray, Togadia, Modi, Katiyar, and their ilk—implies tacit consent to and state encouragement of the saffrofascists. How else to understand the apathy vis-a-vis continual and horrendous atrocities against minorities, be they Muslim, Christian, tribal, Dalit? The police has the gall to refuse to register the FIR if the criminals are Hindu. It is happening all over India unremittingly and unchecked.

This is the hallmark of a failed state. Why are Hindu criminals of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh getting away scot free as a rule? If they go unpunished the state will remain impaired and its viability untenable.

A Sanskrit scholar in Varanasi, Mrs Naheed Abdi, failing to get a permanent job in her specialty, is not just a personal tragedy for a Muslim, and a highly educated woman, it is symptomatic of the rot that the Indian democracy signifies. (Milli Gazette/July 1-15, 07, Delhi, p. 20) This under Mayawati, the saviour of minorities in UP, next to Mulayam Singh. She also deprived hundreds of Urdu teachers of employment. (above, p. 19) Great Dalit leader. For a V. Shekhar, the commander of a criminal outfit of Hyderabad, to threaten bomb blasts against minorities seeking reservation, not to be slammed behind bars indefinitely, highlights the conspiracy of the state against Muslims. (above, p. 1)

For the Indian state tacitly to join the fascistic saffronazis as collaborators, is not just a roaring scandal and a blazing shame, but also its repudiation of India as a nation-state, its Constitution, its founding fathers, its hoary heritage, and as a civilisational idea, uniquely all-embracing, and gloriously proud of its plenitude of diversity.

It is to all this that the crooks and kleptocrats—the ruling class of India—has bidden adieu.

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