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Mainstream, Vol XLVI No 47

India’s Most Dangerous Move

Tuesday 11 November 2008, by Ghulam Muhammed



As if Israeli Army Chief Major General Avi Mizrahi’s visit to India, in these trouble times, is not provocative enough, the Indian adminis-tration has allowed him to visit the inflamed State of Jammu and Kashmir, to put oil on raging fire. If the signal is being given that Kashmiris should prepare themselves for a fate that befelt Palestinians, as the Indian adminis-tration is determined to hand over the dirty job of ‘pacification’ to an outside power, it only shows the utter bankruptcy of the Manmohan Singh and Sonia Congress’ internal policies vis a vis the Muslims of Kashmir as well as mainland India. As has been warned that India’s strategic partnership with the US will bring in the foreign power to virtually take over India, the worst case scenarios have already started unfolding, even when the signatures on the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal are still to be appended and the covert commitment by India to abide by US foreign policy directions are laid out by the Hyde Act and 123 Agreement.

India has brought this calamity on its own head and the times ahead will be full of immense turmoil and bloodshed. There can be no doubt about that.

It is time saner elements in the Indian polity warn the Congress policy-makers to desist from bringing in Israel into our internal equations, or India, which was shielded till date from wars and genocides committed by the ruthless forces now being befriended by India, will make India a vast killing field.

People should rise and demand the termination of all relations with Israel. A mass public movement must begin right away, lest it be
too late.

Mumbai, Ghulam Muhammed

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