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Mainstream, VOL LVIII No 31, New Delhi, July 18, 2020

Video: Fake encounters are being valorised to delegitimise rule of law and the courts -BBC interview with Lawyer Vrinda Grover

Friday 17 July 2020

Via Vrinda Grover’s Facebook Post on 11 July 2020

A very dangerous argument is being made by many to rationalise extra judicial killings by the police.
There are many problems with the judicial system and delay is one of them. However these fake encounters are not taking place because the police is seized by a burning desire to impart justice.
In fact this is a false narrative being spun mainly by those in power and their police and other collaborators.
Trials against gangsters collapse in court because the very same police does not investigate and collect evidence required for conviction.
Policemen escape any accountability for torture and staged encounters because their political masters don’t grant prior sanction for prosecution under Sec 197CrPC and thus there is no prosecution and no trial ( check the judicial record of the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case).
Fake encounters are being valourised to delegitimise rule of law and the courts. There is an urgent need to raise sharp questions and work towards judicial reforms within the ambit of Indian constitutionalism.
Fake encounters and cold blooded murders by the police are no answer to the ordinary, poor and vulnerable citizens anguished cry against injustices. For whom do fake encounters pay rich dividends?
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