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Mainstream, VOL LV No 37 New Delhi September 2, 2017

Epoch-making Judgement

Saturday 2 September 2017

The landmark judgement of the Supreme Court is undoubtedly a blow on the authoritarian government. The government was bent to impose an “Aadhar Raj” on the people of India by making it mandatory for everything from mid-day meals to Income Tax returns. In the course of debates in Supreme Court, the government side even went to the extent of stating that the organs of the individual such as iris do not belong to him! When crores of data base were leaked out the authorities opted to keep mum on it. Some of them said that the huge database would be useful for the expansion of corporate business in the country. In fact Aadhar regime was envisage for such kind of undeclared intentions in the name of ‘accountability’. Now, the Apex Court verdict upholding privacy of the citizen will put several question marks on the further course of Aadhar. The government would be restricted from its tirade against the basic rights of the citizens, guaranteed by the Constitution.

Democratic forces and freedom loving citizens should now keep on vigil against any move from the government to bye-pass this epoch making judgement.

Binoy Viswam (National Executive Committee, Member, CPI and Former Minister, Kerala State Government, one of the petitioners in the Aadhar case)

New Delhi

August 24, 2017

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