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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 48 New Delhi November 19, 2016

Architect of India

Monday 21 November 2016

Dark tides roll around leaping forth gleefully

to throw mud and slush 

at the towering Architect of India.

The mud-slingers are there everywhere—in the press, media, social sites,

howling foul about Nehruvian mistakes.

Let them proclaim then, that Five Year plans were unpardonable mistakes. Oil refineries, steel plants,

Space programmes were errors. AIR, IDPL, HAL, LIC, Railways, Barouni and Chittaranjan

were blunders of the top order! 

Decades of tireless re-building

created a modern India to compete with world powers

which the dark tides are now leaping up to wreck.

Why not?

The rats have now emerged from their smelly holes

after yugas of infernal wait

to nibble at the cake

that contains the heart’s blood

of the Architect of India and the country’s

toiling, admiring populace.

—Sharad Rajimwale

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