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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 48 New Delhi November 19, 2016

Triumph for Family Bonding

Monday 21 November 2016


The unexpected win of Donald Trump in the US Presidential election is a blessing in disguise for a major reason. Trump, a rabid nationalist reposing faith in America for the Americans only, may adversely impact the worldwide outsourcing business of the American companies. This has robbed the Americans to get enough jobs and the youth of the less developed world to access the same. Millions of Indian men and women are now working in the outsourcing business. Their future might be at stake for some time. But the powerful American companies, who mastermind the national financial policy, will not budge as this is lending them huge pecuniary profit.

Thus, it needs to be seen how Trump can fulfil his poll pledge to the Americans to provide them the required number of jobs in an age of joblessness. No doubt, many from our country are getting a scope to work, whatever might be the scale of salary. But if the call of Trump can retard the mad craze to work and stay in America for greater personal comfort, the growing breakdown of our families and the gross neglect of the aging and ailing parents may be able to be prevanted. Societies across the world are gasping due to joblessness and the huge profit of the MNCs of the West are not being passed on to their countrymen as they believe in privatisation of their profit and socialisation of their losses.

Samit Kar

Kolkata 700 106

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