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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 24 New Delhi June 4, 2016

Heat, Hate, Humbug

Monday 6 June 2016, by Badri Raina

The times are a-steaming
With heat, hate, humbug;
Victors of a street fight
Romp with ominous chug chug. 

Money-spinners mark assent
To muscle brains of the day;
Celebrities do not mind being
Slaves to what golden mouth may say 

Of the honest and the innocent,
Or the unsmartly tame;
Lacking the glibness of tongue,
The meek must take the blame. 

Never did the devil quote
Scripture so brazenly as now;
The just croak in crevices,
The rogues stride above.

          Badri Raina

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