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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 18, New Delhi, April 23, 2016

Who is the Traitor?

Monday 25 April 2016

by Binoy Viswam

The history of fascism is written in black. The ‘Reichstag arson’ is an inseparable chapter in that black history. Reichstag was the German Parliament House. On February 27, 1933 it was set on fire. This incident was pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. The responsi-bility for the arson was ‘promptly’ tagged on the Communist Party by Adolf Hitler and his accomplices. George Dimitrov, the leader of the world communist movement, was made the culprit in the case along with his close comrades. The arson was later proved to be a conspiracy hatched by Hitler and his henchmen with an agenda of hunting the Communist Party and preventing its growing influence. History will remember the ‘Leipzig trial’ where Dimitrov courageously and convincingly exposed the fascist plot behind the Parliament House arson. Hitler’s Prime Minister Goring practically stood helpless in the court without any defence when their plans were nakedly exposed! This episode told the world that the fascists would go to any extent, will undertake all sorts of crimes in order to meet their ugly political ends. Still they were able to score a victory in the elections that took place in March 1933. Their vote-share went up to 44 per cent from 33 per cent earlier. The fascist onslaught followed thereafter continued to haunt the world till May 9, 1945, the day in which the Red Army unfurled the Red Flag over the Reichstag.

During that period in India, the RSS was eagerly trying to strengthen their support base. The success story of Hitler in Germany enthused them. Their source of inspiration was Hitler’s philosophy of so-called national socialism in which Aryan hegemony, wedded to finance capital, worked as the foundation. They were fully in praise of Hitler who declared Jews, Christians and Communists the internal enemies of Germany. Following his footsteps, Golwalkar in his Bunch of Thoughts listed the internal enemies of India. They were Muslims (Chapter 19), Christians (Chapter 20), Communists (Chapter 21). At the zenith of his admiration for Hitlerite Germany, Golwalkar wrote: “Look up to Germany, it is the place where national pride has attained the maximum glory. Germany proved to the rest of the world that different cultures cannot live together under one roof. Hindustan could learn many lessons from Germany.”

Needless to say that the Sangh Parivar draws its energy from the lessons of Hitler and fascism. With the ascent of Narendra Modi they are trying to re-read and implement the words and deeds of Hitler. It is nothing but those lessons that led the RSS/AVBP, when they fabricated baseless allegations against Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU Students’ Union President and leader of the AISF. When they implicated that innocent, brave and unflinching young revolutionary in a case of sedition, they themselves showed that they excel in that art. When they call Kanhaiya and the lakhs and lakhs of Indians, who rally around his cause, as ‘anti-national’, we can feel that Goebels has been reborn in India.

In their attempt to drag Kanhaiya into the sedition case, the RSS/AVBP has cooked up a story that he shouted anti-Indian slogan at a function organised for Afzal Guru. They had no hesitation to repeat that blatant lie more than a hundred times. In order to support their fortress of falsehood they even brought in the name of the chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba as their witness! Later the person concerned himself clarified that it was not his tweeter account and he had never tweeted such a message. Still, the Home Minister of the country, who propagated the RSS lie, did not show the courtesy to extend an apology to the nation and the JNU community. That is the so-called ‘nationalist’ culture of the Sangh Parivar!

Let it be categorically stated once again that neither Kanhaiya nor the JNUSU had anything to do with the February 9, 2016 gathering. It was organised by a certain fringe group in the campus. When a clash broke out with the ABVP and the organisers, Kanhaiya was called in as the Union President in order to pacify the groups. Kanhaiya, who is accepted as a true leader in the campus, entered the scene as a messenger of peace. It is certain clippings of those moments that they propagated to justify their anti-Left campaign. In those clippings, Kanhaiya never uttered a single word that may be construed as anti-Indian. He is from such a background where patriotism is in his blood.

KANHAIYA hails from a poor family in a village of Begusarai district of Bihar. His village Bahat is called the ‘Leningrad’ of Bihar where many battles were fought for the emancipation of the downtrodden. His grandfather and father were all part of such struggles. He was brought up in that fighting spirit from early childhood. Such a patriotic young revolutionary from a real working class background can never even imagine about raising a slogan against the unity of the country. Kanhaiya’s father is ill and bedridden. His mother looks after the family with her meagre wage of Rs 3000 per month. Kanhaiya’s elder brother is a wage labourer working in Assam and the younger one is a student. Of course, they are poor, but those Sangh Parivar goons who come from families of landlords and traders should know one fact: that the patriotism of the poor is unshakable. Their loyalty to the motherland is part of their class-consciousness. They need no certificate from anybody to prove their unquestionable love for India. No amount of riches can shake the Communist’s patriotic fervour which goes hand in hand with his/her internationalism. If such a Communist is charged as a traitor, then the sun has to rise in the west! Nothing more, nothing less!!

Look, the Sangh Parivar talks about video clippings. Have they not seen the clippings presented by Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi CM, at a press conference? In it can be seen the same faces uttering anti-India slogans participating in ABVP jathas! These are the lessons that they learned from Hitler. The country has seen this ugly face of ‘Indian Hilerities’ in many parts of the country earlier too. They know how to call a dog a mad dog in order to hunt it. It is not the Left way of doing politics. Let the ABVP and their elderly masters know this simple truth.

Under the Modi rule, education in the country is facing multifarious challenges. The communal Right-wing intervention shakes the autonomy of the universities and the content and purpose of education. The university administration in various places are on their knees before the RSS offspring—the ABVP. In Hyderabad Central University, it is the false petition drafted by the ABVP that led to the state-sponsored murder of Rohith Vemula, which they call a suicide. The petition of the ABVP went through the hands of Central Ministers Bangaru Dattatreya and Smriti Irani, both of whom arm-twisted the authorities that led to the actions which ended in the killing of Rohith. And those communal Right-wing elements now are on their move to kill him again even after his death, by propagating all sorts of falsehoods. The same was the case with the Chennai IIT, Pune FTII, Allahabad University and elsewhere. Everywhere, the inquisitive creative nature of education is under attack. They don’t allow free discourses to take place in the campus. The democratic right to differ and dissent is something alien to them. In fact they are afraid of such basic characters of a university. Hence they declare war against the JNU-like institutions.

Whoever is not in tune with their nefarious world outlook, is termed ‘anti-national’ by the Parivar. Their henchmen are watching everyone. They want to inculcate fear among everybody. Who has authorised the RSS/ABVP with the power to call anyone ‘anti-national’? Wherefrom they got the right to attack anyone and anything that they don’t like?

Kanhaiya Kumar is a responsible member of the AISF, which has valiantly fought for freedom, progress, secularism and socialism. Its cadres were martyred for the cause of the motherland many a time. But where was the ABVP during such days of turmoil? They did not come to such struggles even as simple spectators. The colonial masters gave the RSS their ‘good service entry’ for their non-participation in the freedom struggle! One could only laugh when such ‘great nationalists’ call Kanhaiya and his friends traitors! It is with which yardstick they brand the Left, democratic, secular forces anti-national? Those elements of the Parivar, who learned nationalism from the school of Hitler and imperialism, can’t understand the patriotism which Kanhaiya and crores of his friends are committed to. It is taller than Mount Everest and deeper than the Pacific Ocean! That is why we feel ashamed when they call Kanhaiya, the patriotic revolutionary of the Bhagat Singh mould, a traitor.

It is Section 124A of the IPC that deals with sedition. None who would have read it at least once can implicate Kanhaiya with the charge of sedition. The framed charge will not stand the test of the court; that is why the fascist hooligans of the Sangh Parivar made the legal system and the courts yet another target of their attack. They didn’t spare the highest forum of justice in the country—the Supreme Court. The happe-nings in the Patiala House Court premises on February 15 and 16, 2016 reveal the real face of these forces. With the national flag in their hands they were in a frenzy to attack everyone upsetting the court and its proceedings. Yet they call themselves the true sons of Bharat Mata! Shouting Jai for the Bharat Mata what they did on those two days will be remembered as a deep wound in the heart of Mother India. Yet, ‘great’ people such as Ministers and MPs glorify those deeds. They cry, ‘shutdown JNU’ and call it the breeding ground of terrorists. Sorry for them, as they fail to understand the glory of the great seat of wisdom that has produced brilliance in every sector. Let them go through the statement issued by the intellectuals from all over the world in support of JNU. JNU needs to be further strengthened, for the sake of India and for its wide intellectual contribution to the world.

They want to kill it because that great campus is reluctant to endorse their ideas that are hypothecated to ‘Chathurvarnaya’ and fascism. JNU represents the real spirit of emerging India. And Kanhaiya Kumar represents all that is best in the JNU tradition of the past and its vibrant quest for change in the present. If the RSS/ABVP try to unleash an unfounded hooligan attack on JNU and Kanhaiya in the name of Bharat Mata, no one who knows the meaning of motherhood would allow them to go unquestioned. The path of the RSS is the path of the storm-troopers. It owes its allegiance to Hitler’s Germany. JNU and Kanhaiya stand for India.
India will win.

The author, a former Minister of Forests and Housing in the erstwhile LDF Government in Kerala, is a member of the National Executive of the CPI.

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