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Mainstream, VOL LIII No 43 New Delhi October 17, 2015

Refugee Influx in Europe

Monday 19 October 2015

by M.C. Pindwal

India is a house of multiple religions and faiths followed by a heterogeneous mixture of believers of various sects that flourish together with a sense of tolerance whereas this kind of tolerance is hardly visible in Europe as most of them do not like other nationalities to come and settle there as they would eat into their cake. On this account they do not like even their temporary stay as they have spilled over into Germany and other European countries by crossing their borders in an illegal and unauthorised manner due to excessive war casualities in the Syrian civil war and its spill-overs in Turkey’s neighbourhood like it had happened earlier in Hungary and its adjoining countries and these refugees are not accommodated by most of the European states despite request by Ban ki Moon, the Secretary-General of UNO, thereby showing their heartless face to the refugees by saying “No Entry” which is a sad reflection of their mental approach to the helpless humanity whom they fully exploited as colonial masters led by Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands etc. And now all of these countries are showing no concern for them.

These European nations do not deserve even the Noble Peace Prize which was given to them a few years back as all these past colonial rulers are old players and exploiters of human misery and responsible for the present state of these helpless poor people. The United Nations should make a request to withdraw the Noble Prize from the unholy and ignoble European Union which has failed to rescue the harassed humanity by providing them with relief and respite..

 India is a generous country and has accommodated a large number of refugees for centuries without any discrimination. All these foreigners have intregrated into the plural society of India and become one in its joys and sorrows, since it is the true face of humanity and its growth. Religious pluralism and its disharmony can be covered by over-covering its differences in a lawful manner by marrying and staying together without changing the religion of a partner so that each can pursue his/her own way of worship whereas the children may follow any religion that they prefer and choose finally by the age of becoming a major under the law and for this kind of religious integrity the government should provide special incentives, while maintaining efficiency so that religious harmony can be maintained without disturbing the society at large that shall build a secular society with peace and prosperity.

All the European nations should accept refu-gees upto one per cent of their population in the true humanitarian spirit of help by providing them with housing and other civic facilities in response to the request by the UNO.

The author, a retired IRS officer, has a degree in journalism as well.

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