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Mainstream, VOL LII No 30, July 19, 2014

Sack him Immediately

Sunday 20 July 2014


I am extremely disturbed that one Y. Sudershan Rao, who is reported to have extolled the caste system, has been appointed the chief of the ICHR recently. He feels that caste worked well. Indeed it worked well as the caste system with the help of religion could force a quarter of India’s population to a sub-human existence for centuries and even till date. He may be a beneficiary of the system, but he should know that caste is based on inequality and discrimi-nation; breeds contempt and hatred towards people tagged as lower castes.

Caste is a sin created by cunning humans to perpetuate their community interest. It is divisive, anti-human, against national interest, undemocratic and iniquitous. It is totally irrational and is to be abolished completely. A man finding merit in such a sinful system must have an ulterior motive.

Who have appointed such a man to this high position? I request the PM and the HRD Minister to sack him immediately. If you do not find any suitable person better keep the post vacant but do not fill it with a character who thinks in the line of Manu, the notorious pervert. Indian revenue should not be spent on such a spurious ‘intellectual’.

B. Mazumdar

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