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Mainstream, VOL LII, No 13, March 22, 2014

An Open Letter to the Left Forces

Sunday 23 March 2014, by Bharat Dogra

Dear Friends,

During these critical times before the crucial general elections sincere and dedicated supporters and members of various Left formations are distressed at the growing marginalisation of the Left forces. Yet it cannot be denied that the Left forces have a very significant role in fulfilling the constitutional mandate of equality and justice, as it is the Left formations which are most committed to these cherished values.

So instead of feeling weighed down by the present-day dismal situation, the Left forces should join hands together to face with unity the growing threats to equality, justice, communal harmony and peace. What is abundantly clear is that in the days to come there will be even greater need of the Left forces to face these challenges.

In order to be able to fulfil this historical responsibility, the Left forces must be willing to learn from past mistakes which led to their increasing marginalisation in recent times. The commitment to equality and justice should be accompanied by an equally strong commitment to peace and democracy.

Not just economic equality, but equality at all levels, including social equality and gender-based equality, should be emphasised. New forms of imperialism should be recognised and opposed. Commitment to protecting the livelihoods and rights of small and medium farmers should be accompanied by providing a framework for helping all marginalised co-mmunities and also protecting the environ-ment.

We need to give the new generation of Left activists a future of hope and unity. The first step in this direction is to create a co-ordinating force for initiating unity. The second step is to prepare a common minimum prog-ramme as the basis for broad-based Left unity.

In all efforts for Left unity, the dignity of smaller formations should be respected. All parties and forces should rise above narrow considerations to help carry out this much wider task of historical importance.

Bharat Dogra

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