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Mainstream, Vol XLVII, No 52, December 12, 2009

A Banana Republic Indeed!

Saturday 12 December 2009


The common man has always considered the judiciary to be the last resort of relief. This hope has been belied by the MP High Court’s verdict in the Bhopal gas tragedy case. What a silver anniversary gift! The shameful fact that no one has yet been held responsible for the ghastly crime, adds insult to the injury suffered by the living dead of Bhopal. This case has once again proved as to how cheap human life is in our country. Whose life is it, anyway? Not that of a Minister, politician, or some other VVIP, whose security gets precedence over national security.

India is indeed a banana republic!

V.V. Vijayan

12, Paradise, Chheda Nagar,

Chembur, Mumbai-400089.

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