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Mainstream, VOL 62 No 22, June 1, 2024

His Holiness Lord Narendra Modi’s Penance | JP Gadkari

Saturday 1 June 2024, by J P Gadkari


May 29, 2025

In order to perpetuate and strengthen his recently self-acquired image as ’Godman’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to sit in a 45-hour meditation at the off-shore rock memorial of Swami Vivekanand at Kanyakumari.

Look at the timings. It is from the evening of 30 May when the campaigns for the 7th and last phase of the election comes to a close to the 1st June 2024 evening when the exit poll analysis would start coming on TV screens.

Is the meditation planned as a penance to ’wash away’ all the sins committed during an unusually long drawn election process specially planned to facilitate P M Modi to campaign in every constituency for his party?

One can of course understand the feeling of guilt in the mind of this self-styled Godman for having uttered a long string of untruths, half-truths and outright lies and using all kinds of epithets to create a bad image of the opposition alliance during this six-week-long election campaign which will not be easily erased from the memory of the people.

Starting by calling the opposition party’s alliance, INDIA as Indi, Modi described it as a coming together of "Corrupt and opportunist" politicians and announced his intention to take action against them by putting them behind bars. Inventing lies has been a favourite pastime of our beloved Prime Minister.

After the Congress came out with its election manifesto by putting into it various things which were not there such as changing the Constitution to reduce the reservation quota of SC, ST and OBCs and give it to the Muslims as a follow-up of its appeasement policy; re-distribute the wealth of well to do people including their jewellery and even the "Mangalsutra" worn by married Hindu women and distribute among who "produce more children ( indirect reference to Muslims). Modi took vows not to indulge in anti-Muslim propaganda, but the very next day he again indulged in it and as the election process is coming to a close, he is becoming more and more vociferous about it.

Modi’s apologists however have described the planned meditation as his "regular practice" to go to a holy place and meditate. They pointed out that after campaigning was over in 2014 he had gone to Kedarnath and in 2019 to Pratapgarh. But perhaps the Godman has realised that all his gimmicks are not going to work this time and the results of the election are not going to be favourable to him and his party. That is why this one more drama of penance!!!

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