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Mainstream, VOL 61 No 40 September 30, 2023

Concerned Citizen’s Press Statement Statement Over Hateful Slurs by MP Ramesh Bidhuri

Saturday 30 September 2023


We, the people of India, strongly condemn the unparliamentary and crass actions and words of Ramesh Bidhuri and the lack of action by the Speaker of the house against Ramesh Bidhuri on September 22, 2023.

Katua, Mulla, Atankwadi, Bharwa. The expletives called ‘madarzaad nangi gaaliyan’ in street language poured out of the mouth of BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri and landed in the face of BSP MP Kunwar Danish Ali. The camera caught two supposedly venerable former BJP ministers Harsh Vardhan and Ravi Shankar Prasad laughing with glee and enjoying the spectacle. This happened in the Hall of the newly unveiled Parliament.

We, the citizens of India, hang our heads in shame that the Indian Parliament which witnessed debates and declamations that were globally celebrated as exemplars of human dignity and intellect has been depleted and degraded by an elected representative from the nerve centre of India. It is also fitting that soon after the so-called ‘glory’ of the G20 summit the international press will get to see the true face of the current Indian Government. The filth and the poverty that BJP tried its best to hide is clearly out there now for the world to see through Bidhuri and others of the same ilk.

The hatred and violence that the RSS-led BJP government has encouraged against the minority on the streets of India is now being mirrored inside the Parliament. We saw no immediate action taken against Bidhuri by the speaker nor any serious attempt to stop him. We saw no protest nor immediate condemnation from fellow MPs present in the House apart from a handful.
This incident, together with the deliberate dropping of the words socialist and secular from the copies of the Constitution handed to the MPs as they entered the new Parliament clearly demonstrates the intentions of the ruling BJP regarding the direction the country will move towards if they are voted into power in 2024.

We demand:

1. Expulsion from the Parliament and embargo on Ramesh Bidhuri from contesting further elections. We have seen others suspended for far less.
2. Apology from the Prime Minister to Kunwar Danish Ali and to the people of India
3. Apology from Ramesh Bidhuri to Kunwar Danish Ali and to the people of India

[signed by over 1200 citizens from India]

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