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Mainstream, VOL 61 No 33, August 12, 2023

Haryana Violence: hatred being created, mass migration being forced - CPI Press release

Saturday 12 August 2023


Communist Party of India

Date: 06 August 2023

Press Release

Ground reality revealed after the visit of CPI delegation in violent Haryana; hatred is being created, mass migration is being forced

CPI delegation visits Haryana’s violence affected areas and interactions with various sections revealed dangerous levels of polarization and hatred in the region. CPI delegation visited violent Gurugram and Noh districts of Haryana on 06 August 2023. The delegation felt that intentionally attempts were being made to promote communal mania in the region. A shocking letter written on the letterhead of Zainabad Panchayat Sarpanch of Zainabad panchayat of Haryana district Rewadi received by delegation exposes the bitter truth of organized discrimination against minorities, which is being systematically promoted under BJP rule.

The letter’s majmoon is shocking. It hands over the decision to stop any business or ferry activity in Panchayat Zainabad region to local police officers. It also puts Muslims as equal as sandhmaras and animal thieves. The letter also stated that these steps are being taken to ensure peace in the village, which can be understood that the presence of Muslims is automatically the only cause of communal unrest. Massive migration is being forced into the region and communal harmony is a victim of hate and division politics.

This letter and such communal polarization efforts by RSS-BJP family came forward during the visit of CPI delegation in Haryana violence affected areas. The rise in hate and division across the region has been deliberately and seeds of distance between both communities are being sown. CPI delegation met all sections of society before being stopped by police at Noah border. Members of the delegation appealed to all they meet to maintain peace, harmony and harmony in the region. He also called for deep investigation into a series of incidents causing riots and severe punishment for criminals. The delegation says victims of violence and arson should be given liberal compensation and the government must ensure the restoration and division of normalcy in the region.

CPI MP Binoy Vishwam said, "CPI delegation stopped by police from entering Noh, Haryana. Our aim was to meet violence victims and appeal for peace. Double engine government is also afraid of free movement of people. Their plan is to divide the people considering the election. ’’CPI MP Binoy Vishwam, AITUC General Secretary Amarjeet Kaur, CPI MP P in CPI delegation. Sandosh Kumar and CPI Haryana Secretary Dariyav Singh Kashyap were involved.

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